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Upgrading from PHPmotion V2 to V3.5

Disclaimer: or any of its developers/staff will NOT be liable for any data that is lost/corrupted, or any loss (financial or otherwise) resulting from any attempt to upgrade your website from V2 to V3.5 . The use of this website or any software provided by PHPmotion shall be deemed as full acceptance of this disclaimer.

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Before you begin

Before you start upgrading your installation of PHPmotion V2 ensure that you have done a complete backup of your site. will not be liable for any loss of data due to an upgrade attempt.

There are various ways to backup your site and you should consult with your Web hosting provider for more details.

Some important points

What is involved

Upgrading from PHPmotion v2 to v3.5 involves the following steps

  1. Backing up your website
  2. Deleting some specified files and folders (details will be given in steps below)
  3. Installing a new copy of V3.5
  4. Migrating your V2 database to your new v3.5 installation

Step 1 - Backing up your website

While this step is not a requirement for upgrading from V2 to v3.5, we do advise that you create a complete backup of your website, including all files and also databases. This is a sensible precaution and should be done before proceeding further.

Step 2 - Deleting unwanted files and folders

Please ensure that you have understood the following instructions.

WARNING: Download a backup copy of this file /classes/ it containt your V2 database information.

The following files MUST NOT BE DELETED..... including any subfolders/files of the below listed.

Again we stress - Do not delete the above listed files and folders

All other files in your FTP that are from PHPmotion V2 must now be deleted.

Step 3 - Clean installation on V3.5

WARNING: Make sure that you use a completely new database for this step. DO NOT USE YOUR V2 DATABASE as it will simply get deleted and you will lose all your data

Your FTP program should be set to "append to" or "add to"any existing files and folders. It should not delete them. By "them" we are referring to all the files/folders/subfolder that you kept in Step 2

Now uploading V3.5 into your main directory and follow the normal V3 installation instructions all the way to the end

Step 4 - Migrating you V2 database to V3.5

The last step is migrating required database content from V2 to V3.5. we have created a web based tool to help you with this.

  1. Download the database migration wizard from our Forum
  2. Unzip it and upload it to your site
  3. Open the url in your browser and follow the instructions

If you get any errors during this step, you should review any error log information and address it accordingly. Once you have fixed any issues, you should run the wizard again

Step 5 - Improve Player Preview Thumbs (optional)

When you upgrade to V3.5, you will notice that the thumbs shown in the main player will not be of good quality. This is because the thumbs that where created by V2 where small and are now being stretched in the player

The solution is to use a tool that we have created which will automatically create new thumbs just for the use in the player

For details see our forum PHPmotion Forum - Player Thumbs

Getting help

If you need help with your upgrade, we offer an upgrading service which you can order via our website.

Alternatively, you can ask for assistance in our peer support Forum

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