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Installing PHPmotion Mass Uploader

Mass Uploader

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Before you begin

Before you start installing the Mass Uploader make sure you have done the following

- Downloaded the most recent version at: PHPmotion Forum
- Ordered and received our copy of the license file
- Your PHP installation needs to have register_long_arrays turned On - This setting can be changed via your php.ini file

General Instructions

Unpacking and Uploading

  • Unzip the setup files onto your computer, you should now upload the "massuploader" directory to your sites ftp.
  • once done you should now have the structure /addons/massuploader
  • Upload your license into /addons/massuploader/license_mu.php

  • CHMOD Folders

    The following foders must be CHMOD to 777. Note: If you get an "Internal Server Error" try and CHMOD to 755 instead
  • /addons
  • /addons/massuploader
  • /addons/massuploader/upload

  • Run setup.php
    In a new browser window open: (
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • Delete the file /addons/massuploader/setup.php

  • Add a DEFAULT User/Owner

    The mass uploader requires a default user (i.e. a member on your site) to whom the videos will be attributed. This can be your own user account.
  • Edit the file /massuploader/setting.php
  • Look for the section shown below and edit it to your own username
    	$default_user  = 'phpmotion';  //the username the videos will be attributed to

  • Upload the file into your FTP /addons/massuploader

  • Additional Instructions

    Instruction for PHPmotion V3 Users

    If you are using PHPmotion V3 then you will not need to do anything further. All the appropriate links and buttons to the massuploader will automatically be enabled in your siteadmin menu.

    Instruction for PHPmotion V2 Users

    If you are running PHPmotion V2 you should upload the following file which came with the download of massuploader


    copy this to your ftp


    Using the Mass Uploader

    For details on how to use the Mass Uploader tool take a look at our tutorial video

    TIP: You can rename your original videos before uploading them to something like this_is_a_funny_video.avi this will allow the tool to automatically use this file name as title/description etc

    Common Installation Errors

    The following are typical errors that you may get and they are due to having missed one of the instructions above

    Videos not being processed

    There main reason for this is register_long_arrays. Your server may have register_long_arrays set to Off.
    You should enable this (set it to On). There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Via you php.ini file on the server (you must restart apache afterwards). (Your host can also do this for you)
  • By editing the .htaccess file provided in the PHPmotion distribution. Add the following line right at the end, then re-upload it to your FTP

  • 		php_value register_long_arrays On

    You can also enable email notifications which will contain video conversion logs. To do this, edit the file /massuploader/setting.php

    Zero Branding

    For further help with installation you can try

    Order our installation services
    Peer support in our forum

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