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Installing PHPmotion Version 3.5

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Before you begin

Before you start installing PHPmotion ensure that your server/web hosting account meets all the minimum requirements

You will need to have your Mysql Database Information. You can create a Mysql database via your web hosts control panel
- Mysql Database Name
- Mysql Database User Name
- Mysql Database Password

Downloading PHPmotion

If you have not already downloaded a copy of PHPmotion V3.5 Click Here

General Instructions

The setup wizard will guide you through the rest of the installation process.

Additional Instructions

Installing to a Sub-Directory

If you are installing to a sub directory (example:**myvideos**) you should do all the steps above and also the steps below additional steps

Edit the following files to include your subfolder name: (in this example the subfolder name we have inserted is myvideos

    temp_dir                 => $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'} . '/myvideos/temp/',
    upload_dir               => $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'} . '/myvideos/uploads/avi/',
    redirect_url             => '/myvideos/uploader_finished.php',
    path_to_upload           => '/myvideos/uploads/avi/',

	$path_to_upload_script      = '/myvideos/cgi-bin/';
	$path_to_ini_status_script  = '/myvideos/cgi-bin/';

  • /.htaccess

  • 	#----- if phpmotion is installed in a sub directory edit the RewriteBase as follows -----#
    		# EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos
    		# EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos
    		RewriteBase /

    Zero Branding

    Installation Errors

    If you get an error after installation see Common Installation Errror

    For further help with installation you can try

    Order our installation services
    Peer support in our forum

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