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Welcome to the PHPmotion Media Sharing software's wiki. Here you will be able to find structured information to help you make the most of the software.

Please note this wiki is still new and more information will be added in due course.

Main Table of Contents


PHPmotion Minimum Requirements

Installing PHPmotion & PHPmotion Power Tools

System Requirements

How to use PHPmotion Power Tools

Upgrading from V2 to V3.5

Common PHPmotion Installation Problems

PHPmotion and PHPShield

Page Not Found - 404 Errors

CGI Errors

Security Image (captcha) is not showing

Debugging video conversion problems on a dedicated server or VPS

PHPmotion Player (flash player)

Player Basic Settings

Download PHPmotion Updates

Download Latest Updates (PHPmotion V3.5)

Download Latest Updates (PHPmotion V3.0)

FAQ - Tips and Tricks

How To's

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Interesting Ideas for V3

Get More Help

PHPmotion Members Forum

PHPmotion Help Desk (Note: This is for help with our Powertools and Installation services only)

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